Liam U. Taylor


I'm a second-year Ph.D. candidate (NSF GRFP) in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale University. My graduate research (with Dr. Richard Prum) focuses on sexual selection, life history theory, and the social evolution of delayed plumage maturation in birds. I also have an interest in the anthropology of biology; I'm curious about what biologists mean (and what they think they mean) when they say that something means something. With a background in computer science, I try to pursue complex modeling approaches whenever I can remember how to change the working directory in Python.

Some current research projects include:

Some past fieldwork includes:

I'm also an OK birder, a miserable taker-of-bird-photos, and a collector of rustic-seeming hobbies.

This site is entirely hand-built, which is just to say I'm sorry if you're on mobile, a browser like Safari or Internet Explorer, or pretty much anything that's not this half-screen tab I have open in Chrome on my laptop right now.


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  • Hypothetically, just asking for a friend, how much longer does one have to keep feeding that crow all their moose stew before one starts gaining its trust?